Self-Reliance Projects

Through our interactions with community members we have come to realise that there are instances where we have skilled members who are not equipped to see through their skills. We have those who have experience in the construction industry, welding, carpentry, informal trading, knitting, sewing and several others seeking training in such and other trades.

Through personal financing, we have managed to purchase and handout a sewing machine, carpentry tools, helped fund a community vegetable garden. In some instances, we have given the skilled people others to shadow them like interns as they operate, so that they garner a skill which they will in turn find useful when they begin operating independently.

We have encouraged and advocated cooperation between community members, so that they create independent entities weaned away from us, and empower each other through skills sharing, so that each is part of and equally responsible for the effective management and success of the whole. We are aggressively looking for long-term partnerships in this regard, so that there is regulated and coordinated efforts to success.