Our Team

With our varied backgrounds, skill sets and shared values, we have come together to address and deal with common causes that we are all very passionate about: human dignity, solidarity and our common fate. At various junctures, we have different members and experts partaking in various projects to deliver the best there is for our targeted communities. We have diverse teams, panels and volunteers who ensure that our mission and goals are propelled, even long after we have left the communities!

Engineering and driving the organization are:

Farai Mandaza

Tel: +27 71 22 66 720
Email: mandaza.f@adi-africa.online

Ellen Matendana

Tel: +27 63 73 66 014
Email: mutandwa.e@adi-africa.online

Taurai Muzerengani

Tel: +27 74 28 15 576
Email: muzerengani.t@adi-africa.online