Food Provision


Soup Kitchen

Using the little resources that together with various groups of volunteers and through personal savings have gathered, we began a feeding program for the homeless and other indigent groups in Johannesburg’s West Rand.

Our aim wasn’t just to feed them, but to initiate lasting relationships through gaining their trust and having them share their life stories. You’ll be surprised how our biases particularly on street people are misguided and way off the mark in most instances. Giving that listening ear enables one to appreciate circumstances, many of which we take for granted.

It is through this interactions that we are able to comprehend each person as an individual, understand their desires and help usher them into the world.

Those that we encounter and are unwell, we sought the assistance of local health facilities to help us in managing them and encouraging them to maintain positive outlooks on life. When someone has had food, they can actively participate in small community programs that we do.

COVID-19 hasn’t spared us at all, and it has seen our outreach shift dimensions and paradigms to minimize gathering people when we give them prepared food to packing small parcels that we distribute. This remains a core pillar in what we do and we keep looking for more viable partnerships.

Up to now, we have successfully covered:

  • Delarey

  • Roodepoort Central

  • Nellmapius

  • Mamelodi

  • Atteridgeville

  • Orange Farm

  • Evaton