Community-based ICT Literacy

We have identified the urgent need to bridge the ICT literacy gap in communities especially among the unemployed youths and elders who are grant beneficiaries.

As participants in the e-age, we have mandated ourselves to drive literacy education so that our communities remain abreast and informed of changes happening around them.  The youths require this to be marketable in the job space, to ensure they can create presentable tasks online, and not mere be versed with using smart gadgets for playing music or watching movies.

Our program will include training courses in basic ICT concepts, MS Office, so that it becomes easier to pursue even careers in the field should that be intriguing enough for them. The idea is to encourage them to explore the vast opportunities ICT presents for them: web development, graphic designing, printing, sublimation, repairs, software/hardware installation, computer aided design, interior decoration and event planning. We will continue seeking partnerships with service providers who will certify our participants with recognized certification that will be useful when they explore the job market.

The elderly, in most instances still treat ICT technology with suspicion. They still want to resort to the old ways of doing everything: banking, transacting, communicating … and yet we are in this new age! Particularly in these Covid-19 times, we have been highlighting to the potential dangers of technology and also how it makes things easier for them. This is an area we will keep exploring because we feel it’s fundamental in having every member of our communities become literate.